Seahawks Injury Updates


The banged up Seahawks continue to get healthy as we approach this week’s game in Cleveland. Here’s an update on how things look, including an update on the 3 PUP listed players:

First the good news:

  • WR Mike Williams returned to practice Wednesday. He will start
  • LG Robery Gallery returned to practice Wednesday as well, but there’s been no announcement on whether or not he’ll start, or just be available if needed. The more conservative approach here makes sense, but I expect he’ll play since C Max Unger is hurt. 
  • RB Marshawn Lynch is practicing fulling and will play. He played through his ankle injury all game against the Giants, so I don’t think anyone ever thought he wouldn’t play this week.

And here’s the not-so good news:

  • QB Tarvaris Jackson “isn’t ruled out,” I expect that is mostly because it forces the Browns to game plan for both the mobile Jackson and “less mobile” Whitehurst. I’ll be shocked is Whitehurst down’t get the start.
  • TE Zack Miller is still out with his neck injury. I don’t expect him to play. The Seahawks will enter this weeks game with just 1 active TE on the roster unless they add one between now and Sunday.
  • Max Unger continues to sit out of practice with a foot injury. At this point I don’t expect him to play.

PUP player update:

  • All three players on the PUP list began practicing this week. The team has 3 weeks to either add them to the roster, place them on IR, or cut them.
  • WR Deon Butler wont play. Seattle will likely take the full 3 weeks before making a decision on him since the Seahawks are already deep at WR.
  •  DB Roy Lewis is likely to be activated in a week or 2 once he gets back in shape. Lewis was a special teams captain last season and the Seahawks can use the special teams help. Plus, with Marcus Trufant now on IR, having a spare DB around is a good idea.
  • TE Cameron Morrah is the mostly likely to be activated for this week’s game. As I mentioned above, the Seahawks are very short at TE. If activated, I’d expect Morrah to be more of an injury replacement option this week, and not someone we should expect to get more than 5-10 plays.