Seahawks Lose to Brown 6-3


This is a gut reaction, so expect an emotional response.

The Seahawks lost today with might have been the worst played game offensively I’ve ever need, and I watched every game of the 1992 team that was 2-14 and had longtime 3rd stringer Stan Gelbagh at QB. That team also had a great defense (Cortez Kennedy was defensive player of the year) but could not move the ball at all. This game looked a lot like those games.

I think that may be the season. Seahawks lost to a very bad Browns team. No excuses. At 2-4, with only 4 games left that are one’s that should be won, 7-9 seems the best that they can get to. The ‘Niners have 5 wins and haven’t even played today. I don’t think the Seahawks catch them, even though the 49ers aren’t nearly as good as their record.

Here’s some more notes:

  • Charlie Whitehurst is an awful QB. No more Charlie chanting by anyone. ever. please.
  • If the Seahawks lose next week, The Seahawks should promote Portis to the back QB roll for the rest of the year. If Jackson gets hurt again this team is going to lose. Might as well lose with a guy under center who you don’t know what you got in. Maybe he makes progress and sticks in the NFL. It’s not likely, but you might as well see.
  • Injuries to the starting TE, C, QB, and RB would make it tough for any team, but this was just pathetic.
  • The defense is very good! too bad they were on the field more than 40 minutes of the game.
  • Red Bryant blocked 2 FGs. That will likely be more than any other player in the NFL has all year. Most team’s wont have 1 blocked kick all year. Bryant had 2 in 1 game. I just don’t know how to say how amazing that is.
  • Walter Thurmond broke his leg, and is out for the year. The Seahawks just the only CB on the team who can cover. That’s Brutal.