Seahawks Fans, Please Stop Blaming The Refs


One of the themes I’ve been seeing from Seahawks fans today has been outrage about the phantom illegal block in the back call on the Leon Washington return for a TD. The call was an awful call. Everyone thinks it was awful. Even the Fox announcers said it was awful. I also get that the 7 points was enough to change the outcome of the game. I can do the math as good as anyone, but the whining needs to stop.

As bad as that call was, those calls exist in ever single NFL game. It is unfortunately part of the NFL right now. The officiating is pretty bad. Thing is, I don’t think it’s all that worse today than it was 20 years ago. Today we just get see replays from every angle so we can see the mistakes multiple times in high definition.

The problem is that the noise about the refs is taking the focus off where it should be. Whitehurst and the offense were really really bad yesterday. They were actually historically bad. This was the one of the worst offensive performances in franchise history. Had the Seahawks offense been bad, not great, not good, not even competent, just bad instead of absolutely awful, the bad call by the refs doesn’t matter.

Remember this: The Seahawks had first and goal at that 2 yard line and couldn’t score a TD. They needed 2 yards on 3 plays. Score there and no one is taking about the refs today. That series had much more to do with the outcome of the game and anything to do with the zerbras. The offense was the problem, not the guys in the striped shirts.

Lets keep our eye on the ball today. Please.