Bangles Beat Seahawks 34-12


This game was ugly in so many ways that I’m finding it difficult to write up notes for this post game blog post. The again, it also showed the promise that this team represents. Even though the season is essentially over now that the Seahawks sit at just 2-5 and are already 4 games back of San Francisco, there was signs in this game that good things are coming soon.

Here’s my post game notes:

  • If Jackson was healthy enough to play, and play that well, why did Whitehurst start? It was almost like the Seahawks were officially hanging him out to dry to permanently end any QB controversy.
  • The Seahawks ran up 411 yard of offense against the the a Bangles defense that was the #2 defense in the league coming into this game. Clearly the passing offense isn’t the problem anymore as long as Jackson is in at QB. 
  • The rushing offense on the other hand was just bad. It’s been bad all season, but they took it to another level of bad today. Part of that was the Bangles defense being really good, part of that was the run blocking not getting the job done, and part of it was Marshawn Lynch simply being unable to get to the hole before it closes. I know he runs hard and is hard to bring down, but he’s actually hurting the offense right now because of his inability to get upfield fast enough.
  • Turnovers are killing this team. 2 More this week were really costly, including a pick-6 that put the game out of reach for good.
  • Speaking of things killing the Seahawks, what the heck is with all the penalties? I’ve always believed that penalties are an indication of the quality of the coaching thats going on. I’m a fan of Pete Carroll, so I’ll keep my mouth shut for now, but the penalties have to stop.
  • Special teams were a major problem again. I thought the Seahawks had fixed their ST problems, but clearly they haven’t. There’s just no excuses for giving up TDs in punt coverage.
  • The Seahawks pass defense was surprising decent in this game. Richard Sherman especially. I know the Bangles pass offense isn’t particularly good, but without their best 2 corners I expected the Seahawks to get lit up because of their inability to cover anyone. That clearly didn’t happen, which is a very good thing.