Seahawks Pre-Game Meal


Something to chew on during the Seahawks game.

This game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Cincinnati Bangles is a matchup of two of the top defensive teams in the league. If you read this space regularly, than you know the Seahawks have the game’s best run defense. Opponents are averaging just 3.1 yards per carry against the Seahawks. The Bangles are tied for 2nd on that list, giving up just 3.3 yards per carry.

Against the pass it’s another story though, the Bangles are 4th in the league giving up just 6.4 yards per pass attempt. The Seahawks rank 20th while giving up 7.7 yards per pass. Normally that would mean a huge advantage for Cinci in this game, but the Bangles’ passing attack has been pretty bad so far this year so it evens out a bit in terms of matchups.

Expect a very low scoring game today. If there’s an over/under bet, take the under no matter what the number is.