Seahawks Weekly Report Card


Another week, another loss. If you just look at the final score you’d think the Seahawks got blown off the field this week and that didn’t happen. Seattle actually had over 150 more yards of offense than the Bangles. This game could have turned the Seahawks’ way on a number of occasions and simply didn’t.

Tarvaris Jackson: B+

If there was any doubt as to the difference between Charlie Whitehurst and Tarvaris Jackson in this offense, This game should put that to rest. The offense looked like it was going nowhere before Jackson came in off the bench. Why Jackson didn’t start if he was capable of playing is a question that I don’t know the answer to.

The only reason Jackson didn’t get a A grade was because of the pick-6 late in the game. Jackson has shown the ability to put up some good looking stats, but he’s starting to show the tendency to make big mistakes when the game is on the line.

Marshawn Lynch: F

I think it’s time to start the discussion about the future of Lynch in Seattle. Beast Mode is a really popular player who just isn’t getting it done. I know the Offensive line is the genesis of most of the problems in the running game, but its not the only problem. There were a number of plays yesterday in which there was a hole for Lynch to run through, and simply couldn’t get past the line of scrimmage fast enough. I’ll have more info on this, with pictures, later in the week.

Rest of the Offense: B-

The receivers looked good, especially Doug Baldwin. It time for management to lock him up in a multi year deal. The offensive line was decent but not great, which is what we’ve come to expect from them. They still have a lot of improvement needed in the running game, but it is clear that the line continues to improve. The TEs are another story. They continued to be downright bad. McCoy looks like a guy who belongs in the CFL, and Morrah still isn’t up to speed after coming off the PUP list.

Run Defense: C+

This grade might be a little low, considering they only gave up 92 yards on the ground and an average of 3.4 yards per carry. I think most teams would love to have those numbers, but they aren’t what we’ve come to expect from the Seahawks defense. This is especially true against a rookie QB and and a below average passing attack. The Seahawks defense should have dominated this matchup and clearly didn’t.

Pass Defense: B-

Andy Dalton only had 168 yards passing and a 5.8 yard average. The Pass defense was actually better than I expect considering the Seahawks were without their best 2 CB. Richard Sherman was an unexpected bright spot. I look forward to seeing him out there for the rest of the season.

Special Teams: D

Another return for a TD. Again. There’s no way this should continue to happen. There was another punt return where punter John Ryan saved a TD. There’s just no excuse for such poor play on coverage teams. This grade would be an F had it not been for some good returns by Leon Washington, and good play from both Ryan and kicker Steve Hauschka.

Coaching: F

Sorry Pete Carroll, I’m a fan of yours, but you need to do your job better than this week. Calling a TO after a player runs out of bounds to stop the clock, calling a running play that runs out the clock instead of taking an easy field goal, starting Whitehurst when Jackson was ready and available; those are just 3 of many very questionable choices. This team isn’t good enough to overcome such poor coaching decisions.