Admitting That I Was Wrong


A little over a month ago, with the Seahawks stumbling as a team and looking like one that would be in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes than anything else. The defense had played well, but the offense had been really bad, especially QB Tarvaris Jackson.

It was at that time that I called for a QB change. It was time to try and see if Charlie Whitehurst could provide a spark. Jackson was hurting the team. He was holding on to the ball too long and taking needless sacks. He was refusing to throw the ball more than 3 yards down field, even on 3rd and 8. It wasn’t working.

At least I was smart enough realize that Whitehurst wasn’t going to be much better

This is probably long overdue, but It’s time to admit that I was wrong about Jackson. Don’t get me wrong, he had ben genuinely awful. My mistake was that I didn’t see how he could improve. He’d been bad in Minnesota, bad all preseason, and bad in all the games up to that point. There was no reason to believe he could suddenly flip the switch and play well enough to win games.

Any yet he did flip that switch. Since halftime of week 4, Jackson has been one of the better QB’s in the NFL. His completion percentage is up. His yards per pass is way up. It’s been like he’s a whole different QB. It’s been as amazing as it was unexpected.

Whitehurst meanwhile has been a huge disappointment. After playing well at the end of the Giants game to preserve the win, he’s regressed back to being completely inept. For 5 quarters the offense looked as bad as it did back in the beginning of the season. Whitehurst’s allure was that he was unknown. We didn’t know what he was. Now we do, and its not something that we want to see on the field ever again for the Seahawks.

Clearly there can be no doubting who should be playing QB, especially after last week. Whitehurst played the first quarter and could do nothing. Jackson comes in a light’s up the same defense for over 300 yards in just 3 quarters. The offense is simply so much better with Jackson in there under center.

So there you have it. I was wrong. I admit it. Feel free to make fun of me for it for a while. It’s all good.