Cowboys beat Seahawks 23-13


Another week, and another loss in a winnable game. The national medias take on this game was that Dallas was “too much” for the Seahawks, but I don’t buy it. These were surprisingly even teams. The only reason Dallas won was because Jackson threw 2 interceptions that were turned into 10 points. The Seahawks could have easily won this game.

These game notes are just my “gut reaction” to a game that I watches while very distracted by my family. I’ll watch the game again tonight on NFL rewind and my opinion might change drastically. I’m also clearly disappointed, so expect that to be reflected in my opinions of the game

Game Notes:

  • 10 more penalties. Seriously? Penalties are mostly about coaching and attention to detail. Carroll and company have to get their act together.
  • The “Tarvaris Jackson is the QB of the future” movement took a major step backwards this week. Jackson looked rattled at times, and clearly wasn’t seeing the field as well as he had in past games. 
  • 3 interceptions is going to doom a team like Seattle every time. Dallas turned the first 2 of those into 10 points, which was the difference in the game.
  • The line play was much better this week. Just 1 sack given up all game. Jackson had more time than he’s had in most games this season.
  • The Seahawk running game finally had a good game. Lynch finished with 135 yards and 5.9 yard per carry average. This was his best game as a Seahawk. He was much more decisive and got to the line of scrimmage with authority at times. The run blocking was also much improved.
  • The run defense got gashed for the first time this season. DT Alan Branch was not the same player this week while dealing with a knee injury. The linebackers were also exposed in this game at times.
  • The lack of talent at CB was a real problem for the Seahawks in this game as well. Kam Chancellor was helping in coverage instead of  helping in run support a lot more than usual.The linebackers were also dropping back into coverage more, even on running downs. It’s clear that the coaches didn’t trust the corners as much as they did before the Trufant and Thurmond injuries.