I've said from week 1 that I felt that there w..."/> I've said from week 1 that I felt that there w..."/>

The Meaning of The Seahawks’ Win Over The Ravens


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I’ve said from week 1 that I felt that there was more talent on this team than the results indicated. The problem is that the talent was either 1) very young, 2) in places, namely WR and S, that have less impact on the final score than other positions, or 3) both.

I think that talent is finally starting to come together into something more meaningful. This is especially true on the offensive line. The improvement by that group have been tangible and dramatic. Richard Sherman at corner has been a major improvement for the team as well.

Tarvaris Jackson is what he is. He’s not an elite QB and never will be, but he also doesn’t have to be for this team to be competitive. Carolina was a good, competitive team for years with Jake Delhomme at QB. As long as he doesn’t lose games for the Seahawks like he did against Dallas, the Seahawks will be able to win games.

I don’t think that this is the start of a huge win streak. I’d like believe that, but I don’t. This team is still too young and makes too many mistakes for that to happen. I do, though, think that good things are on the horizon for this team. With consistent improvement by the young players, the Seahawks should win more games in the 2nd half than they did in the first half of the season, and should be poised to contend for the playoff next year.

That’s my take at least. What’s yours?