NFL Picks and Predictions Week 11: Seahawks vs Rams


I couldn’t have been more wrong about last week’s Seahawks game, but lets face it, I don’t care if I’m wrong and the Seahawks win. This week offers a bit of a “trap” game for the Seahawks. A big emotional win over a Superbowl contender, followed by a game against a banged up 2-7 team that has been really struggling this season, this is a recipe for an ugly game.

Reasons for optimism

The Seahawks have finally found their running game the last 2 weeks against a couple of good run defenses (Dallas and Baltimore). The Rams are hardly a good run defense, ranking last in the league in rushing yards allowed. Marshawn Lynch should have a field day running against this defense.

The Rams also have their problems in pass defense. They currently have 9 DBs on the injured reserve list. 9. Yes, you read that right. There are only 4 DB on the field on most plays, and Rams have lost 9 to season ending injuries. Clearly, the Seahawks should be able to move the football.

Reasons for concern 

The Rams’ offense has been carried this season by RB Steven Jackson. When he gets going, the rest of the St. Louis offense starts working soon after. Until recently, this would have been a favorable matchup for the Seahawks, but the Seahawks run defense has not been as stout lately.

After giving up just 3.1 yards per carry (the best in the league) over the first 7 games, Dallas averaged for 5.8 yards per carry, and Baltimore averaged 6.3. If the Seahawks can’t fix the problems in their running game, Jackson will end up having a big game.

Final Prediction: Seahawks 24 – 13 Rams

Injuries are a major concern for both teams this week, but they’ll hit the Rams harder. Seattle should be able to run the ball well, and keep Steven Jackson contained. That combination should lead to a solid victory for the Seahawks.