From Section 333


Losing sucks.

I usually handle a Seahawks loss by mentally huddling up and not talking about the game for at least 24 hours. And no, it’s not like processing time, it’s more like grieving my way through the aftermath. I avoid reading media reports and after a few supportive tweets to players, I bail on Twitter for as long as it takes to recover.

In a way, I’m insulating myself from the negativity. I hear the comments in the stands about which players suck and how coaching is substandard. I hear the post-game commentary on the way home about how it was a winnable game and I see a few tweets with fan reaction. I have my own read on this game…

  1. As a season ticket holder, I’ve seen dozens of coin tosses. I’ve never seen one like this that had a verbal exchange that emptied the benches before the coin even saw the light of day. It was one of the most classless acts by a visiting team I’ve ever seen and it set the tone for the entire game.
  2. I have no respect for Gross Rexman. I didn’t like him when he played for Chicago and I don’t like him now. But Shanahan’s been making him practice his play action and it fooled our defense time and again. I hate saying that because our defense has spoiled me with exceptional play and today was a struggle for them.
  3. Our offense is still inconsistent. The running game is supposed to open up the passing game but while Marshawn is effective passing isn’t. Whether TJack’s injury or receivers dropping passes or procedural penalties, it’s difficult to manage the clock or create drives when we’re so hit and miss on our passing game.
  4. Poor sportsmanship blew me away. Hall walking up to the ref and tossing himself to the field with an “injury” was just insulting. It was the worst flop I’ve seen since Dennis Rodman perfected it on the basketball court.
  5. In contrast, I’ll take the penalty on Golden’s flop in the end zone. He deserved it after that amazing reception.

In closing, I would just like to note that we all have our own methods of coping, but calling out other fans for leaving early or tweeting players with negative comments isn’t a positive fan attitude. In the end, we’re all 12’s. We may not agree with each other and we may not like a how someone played, but we all want the same thing. I’ll be back in section 333 on Thursday, cheering my heart out.

PS – Mora Jr is still a dink. I read many tweets about his announcing during the game yesterday. Not surprised at all.