Reasons To Worry Headed Into Monday’s Seahawks Game


Looking ahead to Sunday’s game, I think it’s pretty clear that the Seahawks are going to be favored, and most pundits should pick them to beat the Rams. And why not, since the Seahawks just dismantled the Rams a month ago.  Let’s face it, The Seahawks are, and should be favored to win this game.

But before everyone looks past this game and begins thinking about next week, I think it’s important to note that this game might not be the easy win that everyone thinks it will be. There are a number of reasons why Monday’s game may not end up looking similar to the game 3 weeks ago.

Here are my top 5 reasons for concern heading into Monday’s game:

1)   Steven Jackson. He rushed for just 44 yards on 14 carriers in the first game, but the Rams never really committed to getting him going. Jackson is one of the league’s top backs, and if St. Louis really commits to the running game it could really create problems for the Seahawks.

2)   Complacency. The Seahawks dominated the previous meeting between these 2 teams. I worry that perhaps they wont play with the fire necessary repeat that previous performance.

3)   Turnovers. The Seahawks won the turnover battle in the first game. If they don’t take care of the football, the turnovers could end up greatly leveling the playing field.

4)   Prime Time. (No, I don’t mean Deion Sanders) Some players shiny under the spotlight, while other shy away from it. Monday Night Football is a strange beast that does weird things to some NFL players.

5)   Injuries. The Seahawks will be without 3 starters on the offensive line, and are really banged up at LB. While St. Louis is equally banged up, they’ve had more time to adjust to their new starters on their O-line than the Seahawks have.

6)   Inconsistency. The Seahawks have played better over the past few games, but they are still subject to strange and disappointing let downs that lead to losses to inferior teams, like Washington and Cleveland.

While I still think the Seahawks in this game, and win it easily, I still think there are reasons to worry if you’re a Seahawks fan.