NFL Picks and Predictions Week 14: Seahawks vs Rams


This game is a rematch from 1 month ago, in which the Seahawks went on the road and completely dominated the Rams 24-7 despite having an awful 2 turnover first quarter. The Seahawks played conservatively because they could, and still scored 24 unanswered points after the first quarter.

I don’t expect this week’s game to be much different. Seattle will run the ball a lot, and hopefully wont ask the passing game carry the load. Defensively, the Seahawks will commit to stopping Steven Jackson, knowing that Rams have very little talent at WR, and are banged up at QB.

Reasons For Optimism

The Rams are awful. If you look at my power rankings formula, they’re bad in all phases of the game. If the Seahawks avoid making costly mistakes, there really isn’t any reason to think that the Rams can keep up with them.

Causes for Concern

I listed out 6 causes for concern yesterday, but the main one is all the injuries on the offensive line. McQuistan has been serviceable at RG, but he’s a huge drop off from Russel Okung at LT. The Seahawks offense could really struggle protecting Tarvaris Jackson and opening up holes for Marshawn Lynch

Final Prediction

I’m guessing the game is closer than people think. The offensive line problems for Seattle will slow down their offense, and Steven Jackson will have a decent game. Still, The Rams are a mess, and not a particularly talented mess.

Seahawks 24 – 13 Rams.