A Football Sunday With No Seahawks


It’s always weird when a Sunday rolls around, there’s NFL football on TV, and there’s no Seahawks game. Ya, I know it happens every year when they have their bye week, but on those week we aren’t all geared up for a Seahawks game. No, this week is different. Monday games mess with my brain in a whole different way. Well, at least there’s football on TV.

If you live in the Seattle area, or most of the country actually, I suggest running any errands you have to do, or getting any work done around the house during the morning game. There is nothing interesting about the Jets vs the Chiefs. There are few possible matchups that would be less interesting than that one.

If you happen have a way to watch the game, be sure to root for Carolina to beat Atlanta during the morning time slot. The Seahawks need the Falcons to lose if they are going to pass Atlanta in the wildcard standings. You might also want to root for Tamps to beat Jacksonville. The Jags are a potential draft day trade candidate, so having them up near the top increases the Seahawks’ chances of getting a top QB.

In the afternoon time slot, Seattle area football fans get there choice between 2 pretty good games. The Fox showing of Chicago-Denver will be interesting, although don’t expect there to be much scoring going on. Regardless of what you think about Tim Tebow, remember that the Seahawks need the Bears to lose that game. Over on CBS you’ll find Oakland-Green Bay. That game speaks for itself in terms of being interesting, but it really doesn’t matter to the Seahawks.

The Sunday Night game is probably the most important game to the Seahawks this weekend that the Seahawks aren’t actually playing in. Dallas vs the Giants looks like it’ll be a fun game to watch, but its also an important game. If Dallas wins, they will have all but clinched the NFC east, leaving the Giants hoping for a wild card birth. If the Seahawks win on Monday, they’ll have the same record as the Giants, but on the basis of the head-to head matchup, the Seahawks will actually pass the Giants in the playoff race. That’s right Seahawks fans, we need to root for the Cowboys this week.

If things all fall into place properly, the Seahawks could leave this weekend in 8th place in the NFC, just 1 game out of the playoffs.