Seattle Seahawks Report Card: Week 14


Despite all the injuries, the Seattle Seahawks dominated a inferior team last night. That is what they’re supposed to do. The Seahawks have now won 4 of the last 5 games. Their only loss over that stretch was the result of a 4th quarter collapse in which the gave up a 10 point lead to DC in the final minutes of the game.

With 3 games remaining, the Seahawks are an unexpected contender for a playoff spot. If they win out and finish with a 9-7 record, it’s highly probably that they will make it into the playoffs as the 6 seed in the NFC playoffs.

Let get to the grades:

Tarvaris Jackson: B

I have to admit, looking at the box score I was a little surprised to see that Jackson had thrown the ball 32 times. I was expecting the total to be down around 24. He seemed to be playing the roll of game manager for most of the night, which is what he does best. He finished the night with 224 yards, one TD, and zero interceptions.

Marshawn Lynch: A-

Lynch had a solid night: 115 yards, a TD, a 5.0 yards per carry average. It’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from him. The only thing holding him back from getting a solid A is the lack of any game changing long runs.

Offensive Line: B

Seattle’s makeshift line held up surprisingly well. Ya, there were times when Paul McQuistan got flat out beat in pass protection, and yes, TE Zach Miller was kept in to help almost all night, but overall the performance was pretty guard for a unit that’s missing 3 starters.

Rush Defense: A

This unit held Steven Jackson, one of the league’s best back to a 3.2 yards per carry average. Against a Rams team that relies on Jackson to carry their offense, that stat pretty much tell you exactly why the Seahawks won this game.

Pass Defense: C+

Lots of penalties. 3 big plays given up. Not enough sacks against a really banged up St. Louis front. They also only gave up 12 completions for less than 200 yards, and had an interception, so it wasn’t all bad.

Special Teams: A-

It was a great night for the Seahawk special teams unit. There was a couple big returns, a punt downed inside the 5, and a blocked punt that was recovered for a TD. The only problem I have with this unit was a missed FG, and a couple good returns given up by our coverage units.

Coaching: A-

I have to give credit to the coaches for having a solid game plan in place to stop Steven Jackson and Rams offense, and an offensive gameplan prepared that allowed the Seahawks to be successful despite the injuries on the offensive line. I also think we should give them credit for pulling a banged up Robert Gallery out of the game when he was no longer needed, and letting a couple other guys get some reps in at the end of the game.