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The Seahawks Beat the Rams, 30-13 in Monday Night Football Contest:

The 12th man lives

There’s been an energy shift. If you haven’t been to the stadium, maybe it’s palpable through network coverage. Maybe it’s not. After pouring heartfelt emotions into game after game this year, it seems the energy has finally converged into a perfect pitch. The connection is made. Whether you plug the Seahawks into the 12th man or the 12th man into the Seahawks, it’s an instant jolt.

I noticed it last night. Our second network night game in 10 days. I wondered if it was obvious to others… Could viewers in Connecticut tell? What about Denver? Or the sports writers on the East coast? Would the game commentators be able to pick up on it? Or would they continue to make inane comments about how the other team was just losing because of poor clock management, or too many turnovers?

The truth is that being the 12th man is to be linked to the team on the field. Earlier in the season, the link was tenuous, hesitant. We responded when the defense signaled, we hollered on 3rd down, we held our breath in a redzone offense, but it was delayed… muffled.

These last two games have been different. The Eagles and the Rams can testify to that. But what has been the difference? The network exposure? The heartbreaking loss of the Redskins game? Or the realization that there are so many good pieces on this team and the audible click as they snap together?

Last night, every communication between those on the field and those in the stands was instantaneous. You could hear the constant roar and swell with each series. We responded instantly to the defense’s calls for noise. We rose in our seats when the Beast hit the streets. We booed in vain to bad calls on the field. In turn, the team connected and celebrated with us, pointing and cheering at us… taking us with them on the journey.

We may not have the respect of the national media. We may not have the big name players. But we have something unique and indefinable that other teams yearn for.





Weak words for what exists in the heart of the 12th man. Or the heart of a Seahawk.

Whatever the rest of the season holds, this dynamic has been well worth the wait. While I don’t know if I’ll be able to see the connection on a televised game, I know that when I’m back in my seat on the 24th, “it” will be there, waiting.

If you don’t believe me, drop by section 333. I’ll show you.