Breno Giacomini Gets Surprising Honor


I don’t usually post linkage around here, because I figure most of my readers already look around the blogosphere a bit and therefore already see anything I might link to. This though, warrants an exception.

Pro Football Focus, a site dedicated to a statistical analysis of football, puts together an All PFF-team each week, given to the players who do the most to at their position to help their team win. They don’t use traditional stats at all. They look play by play and “grade” ever block, every route run, etc. It’s pretty cool the way they do things. Well guess who made the All-PPF team this week with the best performance by an offensive tackle in the NFL? that’s right, Breno Giacomini!

"Tackles:  Levi Brown, ARZ (+5.2) and Breno Giacomini, SEA (+5.2)Yes you are reading the team of the week, and no I haven’t got my tackles mixed up with those who should be appearing on the ‘Had a Bad Day’ team. Brown, who is playing better than he ever has, was near flawless against Cleveland, while Giacomini looked the part against the Bears. Two things I didn’t expect heading into the week."

You can find the original article HERE.