49ers Edge Seahawks 19-17


This was a frustrating loss. Not because of a single huge mistake that cost them the victory, but because the game seemed to be there ready to be taken and the Seahawks couldn’t simply reach out and take it. Credit the 49ers, who made enough plays when it mattered, especially their punt return team.

This was one of those games where 1 play could have changed the outcome. The blown 3rd and goal play when the refs didn’t call the false start where Tarvaris Jackson get pushed out of bounds at the 1 comes to mind, as does the missed sack by Leroy Hill that set up a convertible 4th and 2 instead of  4th and 7 is another example. There’s also at least 5-6 horrible and obvious holding calls that were never called that should have help stall 49er drives. Any of those play could have changed this game, but the Seahawks just couldn’t get 1-2 of them to fall their way.

Sometimes football is like that. The 49ers won, but they are not clearly the better the team. These are 2 very even teams. Don’t let their records confuse you.

On to my game notes:

  • The Seahawks loss officially eliminates them from the playoffs. It’s weird to think that there’s another game next week.
  • Marshawn Lynch had another monster game, but most of it was in the first half. He finished with 21 carries for 107 yards and a TD. 
  • Lynch was the first player all season to score a rushing TD against the 49ers, he was also the first player in over a year and half to rush for over 100 yards against the niners.
  • Tarvaris Jackson had a rough game. he finished just 15 of 28 for 163 yards. Part of the problem was receivers not getting open, but Jackson also made plenty of mistakes along the way, including giving up the game’s only turnover on a fumble.
  • The Seahawks defense was solid again, though not dominating as they have been in the past. Gore only averaged 3.6 yards per carry, and Smith only had 179 yards passing.
  • Early in the game, Brandon Mebane was getting pushed all over the field. He managed to hold his ground better later in the game, but this was clearly one of his worst games as a Seahawk.
  • Speaking of bad games, Leroy Hill was atrocious in the 3rd quarter. He was responsible for 3 big plays by the 49ers on their TD drive, and then missed a number of plays on other drives as well.
  • The Seahawks continue to get eaten alive by opposing TEs. I know that Vernon Davis is tough to cover, but this has gotten ridiculous. The Seahawks definitely need to upgrade their Linebackers before next season.
  • Brandon Browner took a step back as well. He had one penalty, but it wasn’t a big game changer so I’m no concerned about that. Instead though, he got beaten up by another fast WR in Michael Crabtree. Crabtree had 5 catches for 85 yards. Browner was simply outmatched. I’ll wait until I can watch the game tape, but I still think the Seahawks need a CB who can cover fast receivers. Size clearly isn’t everything.
  • The punt coverage group didn’t give up any TDs, but they gave a ton of field position. And in a game decided by the opposing team’s 4 fieldgoals, it’s pretty safe to say that the coverage group played a large part in this loss.
  • I’m getting pretty tired of watching Leon Washington bring the ball out of from 6 yards deep in the endzone, only be to tackled at 15. Seriously, that’s just inexcusable.