Late Round QB Options


With the Seahawks picking likely around #15 in next April’s draft, I just don’t see any way that they move up enough to get one of the 2 decent QBs in this draft. Luck will go number 1 overall, and RG3 wont make it out of the top 5. The problem is that the Seahawks still really need a QB that they can develop into a starter.

One thing to think about with late round options. Most NFL QBs arm strength continue to develop after they are drafted. Neither Aaron Rodgers nor Drew Brees had anything better than an “average” arm when drafted. The problem is that not all QBs develop better arm strength. Many don’t, so it makes these late round picks tough to evaluate.

So lets get to looking at some of the late round options that out there:

Case Keenum – Houston

I have Keenum rated as 6th rounder. He doesn’t have an NFL arm, and it’s tough to tell if his numbers are a product of that gimmicky offense or his skills. He’s got prolific numbers and really high completion %, so there’s hope that if he develops some better arm strength that he could become a solid NFL QB. He has a history of knee injuries, which is another consideration.

Russell Wilson – Wisconsin 

If wilson was 3-4 inches taller he’d be an obvious first rounder. He’s a great athlete with a good arm, good accuracy, and plenty of intangibles. The problem is that he’s only 5-10. That might not sound like a big deal, but it matter when trying to see over those big linemen and see receivers and DBs downfield. I’d expect him to get scooped up by someone in the 4th round

Dominique Davis – East Carolina

Davis has the measurables, but it’s a long way from East Carolina to the NFL, but he started at Boston College before he had to leave for academic issues. Davis is a guy who put up huge numbers and has the tools to be successful in the NFL, but has a tendency to let his athleticism take over instead of continuing to proceed through his reads. He’s also got a long delivery and hold the ball pretty low. He’s most likely a 7th rounder.