QBs I Don’t Want To See In A Seahawk Uniform


Yesterday profiled a few late round QB options that the Seahawks might take a stab a at. There are a couple more that I’ll get to eventually, but today I thought it would be a good idea to profile a few QB who I don’t want to see on the Seahawks. Seriously, I’d rather stick with Tarvaris Jackson than see any of these players get time under center in Seattle:

Current Pros:

Charlie Whitehurst – Lets face it. I think we’ve all see quite enough of Charlie. I think the Seahawks like what he was physically, and hoped they could teach him the mental aspect of the game. Clearly they were wrong, and I think everyone involved will be happy to see him go away.

Matt Cassel – Cassel lost his job because of injury, but he ultimately lost his job because he wasn’t a franchise QB and the Chiefs want to look into finding someone that is. Orton is the guy in KC as of right now, so Cassel will soon be looking for a new home. He’s nothing more than a league average QB, kinda like Jackson.

Mark Sanchez – It’s rumored that the Jets could make him available and then try and get Peyton Manning from the Colts. While I don’t buy that rumor, I also don’t want to see Sanchez in Seattle. He’s a horribly overrated player who can be really bad at times, and rarely does much to help his team win.

Draft Prospects: 

Ryan Lindley, San Diego StateRob Station did a decent job breaking him down yesterday. I don’t think he’s ever going to be a good pro. that 53% completion percentage scares the bejeezus out of me. Watching him play, I can’t help but think he’s the next Charlie Whitehust.

Kellen Moore, Boise Sate – Moore is the anti-Lindley. He doesn’t have any of the measurables, but he’s really accurate. What he doesn’t have is an arm that translates to the NFL. At the pro level, ever time he throws the ball on an out pattern it’ll be a pick-6.

Nick Foles, Arizona – Foles is a senior passer who didn’t develop in his final year in college. If anything, he regressed. He’s huge and has a cannon of an arm, but he makes way too many head scratchingly dumb mistakes.