Seahawks Year End Awards


Year End Awards

I had some quality quiet time last night and put my brain to good use considering how to sum up this year with the Seahawks. I had some ideas going into the season regarding who the contributors would be and how the season would go. Much like a really good book, by the time you hit the last quarter of the season, the story lines have changed, the characters have evolved and there is no guarantee of happy ending.

But when you put the book down, some moments stick with you… some snippets of dialogue, some changes in plot, some surprise developments just cry out for recognition. With that in mind, I present my awards for the Seahawks 2011-2012 season.

Best Back up Contributor – Paul McQuistan – Even though he didn’t start the entire season, his starts in the last 7 games provided stability an injured offensive line. That stability, although it came with a few penalties, provided protection for Tjack and aided in Marshawn’s running game.

Least Surprising Rookie – Richard Sherman – Now ranked as the #7 rookie of the year by Pro Football Focus… if anyone is surprised by Sherman’s performance this year, they obviously didn’t attend any of the Bing training camps at VMAC. Tall, fast and determined, Sherman stood out and this writer isn’t surprised at his excellent rookie season or the recognition he’s now getting.

Best On Field Attitude – TIE between Big Red Bryant (who really knows how to celebrate whether it’s a blocked kick or an interception and a high step into the endzone) and Anthony Hargrove (who energizes the 12th man with his excellent play, fan encouragement , on field celebrations with his teammates and excellent dancing).

Most likely to play through injury – Tavaris Jackson. Playing through an injury that probably should have required surgery makes TJack a no brainer for this award!

Takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’ – Marshawn Lynch. You know he had to be hurting as much as he ran the ball and got tackled, And lets not forget the back spasm incident or the sideline vomiting.

I’m ready for my close up Mr. DiMille – Golden Tate – This maple bar aficionado dedicated himself to watching film this year and it paid off! Better routes, better catches and more opportunities to wow the crowd and create his own film highlights!

Where have you been all my life – Doug Baldwin – Undrafted and seemingly appearing out of nowhere, Baldwin had many teams scratching their heads, wondering how they had missed this uber talented receiver in their own scouting?

He’s got Leg, he knows how to use it – Jon Ryan – No year-end list would be complete without mentioning the mighty leg of Jon Ryan and his excellent punting throughout the year. Definitely one of the bright spots on our special teams!

The Natural – Earl Thomas – Likewise, we have to add Mr. Thomas to this list. With a natural instinct for where the ball is, is going and who has it, Mr. Thomas unerringly finds himself in the middle of each defensive play. We’re looking forward to finding him following his instincts just as craftily next season!

Honorable Mentions –

  • The locker room dance off between Anthony Hargrove and Richard Sherman!
  • Atari Bigby’s long ass dreads flying as he makes plays!
  • Raheem Brock’s Game Day Twitter Tap In
  • Endzone Skittles Blowers (they need their own uniforms)