My Offensive Rookie Of The Year Ballot


While we wait for the  winners to be announced, I thought I’d reveal another one of my ballots. A couple days ago I revealed my Defensive Rookie of the Year ballot, so today I thought I’d follow up by posting the offensive side.

1) Cam Newton, QB, Carolina

This was really a no-brainer. Newton set all sorts of rookie records, and did so with almost no weapons to help help him out. While I doubt the voting will end up unanimous, I bet it will be close.

2) Andy Dalton, QB, Cincinnati

After Newton, the field is really even and hard to separate. I picked Dalton over the receivers for a couple reasons. The first is that he was just so instrumental in his team’s success. The Bangles were only going to go as far as Dalton was going to take them, and he managed to take them to the playoffs. The other reason I picked Dalton over the receivers was because it really felt like that Dalton was a lot of the reason for AJ Green’s success. I just had to put Dalton above Green would be wrong, and Green and Baldwin were really even.

3) Doug Baldwin, WR, Seattle

This one was really tough. Baldwin’s numbers weren’t quite as big a AJ Green’s, but Green had a lot more opportunities Baldwin did. Baldwin also was more instrumental in his team’ success than Green was for his. Like I said, this was a really tough decision for me. In the end, I think I chose Baldwin because I knew the other voters would pick Green since he was a 1st round pick and played on a playoff team, and I thought that Baldwin deserved to at least be considered for this award, even though there was no chance that he’d win.