Matt Flynn Likely Headed To Miami


The Seahawks are looking for a Quarterback, and one of the best free agent options might now be out of reach. If I had to bet, I bet that Green Bay backup Matt Flynn will sign with Miami Dolphins.

Why the Dolphins? Because Miami will be installing the same offense that Flynn ran in Wisconsin. Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin will be the Dolphins head coach next year. Obviously, that doesn’t rule out a move to Seattle or anywhere else, but it certainly makes it much tougher on anyone else trying to acquire the services of the quarterback.

Miami now can offer Flynn everything he’ll want. A guaranteed starting job, the right offense, a coach that he knows and trusts, a decent offensive line, weapons like Reggie Bush, and a boat load of cash. No other team can offer him all that.

For a team like the Seahawks, getting Flynn to join them is now a pretty tough sell. Flynn would have to learn a new offense with a group of coaches he doesn’t know, and with an offensive line that is talented but struggled in 2011. The Seahawks can’t offer Flynn a comparable contract to what Miami is offering, or he’ll simply chose the Dolphins.

The way I see it, the only way Flynn comes to Seattle is if the Seahawks overpay, and why would you want to overpay way more than the coaches who know him are willing to pay. That simply doesn’t make sense.