Seahawks Alter Logo


As you’ve probably heard, the contract between Rebok on and the NFL for uniforms has ended, and is being replaced with a contract with Nike. Each team’s uniforms are supposed to be changing greatly over the next couple years because of this. I don’t have much info on what the new look will be for the Seahawks just yet, other than to point out that apparently the Seahawks have “considered” possibly switching back to grey helmets.

One thing the Seahawks have announced is that they are going to “tweak” the team’s official logo. We were told it wasn’t going to be a huge change; just an update.

I’m not sure if Nike meant to reveal the changes or not, but they did this past week went they released a preview of the new team gloves, and on those glove is presumably the new team logo. Take a look:

The differences are tough to see, but let me put the old and new logos side by side for you:

It’s hard to say for sure since one is on the gloves and the other is a flat image, but it appears that the logo is taller from bottom to top and shorter from left to right, though that could just be because of the the way the gloves are overlapped.

The biggest difference I see is the color scheme. The dark blue is darker, and the lighter blue is now more grey or metallic. The green eye has also changed, with more yellow mixed in creating a more “neon” look to it.

While it remains to be seen if fans like the new look better than the old look, I think we can all agree that either is better than the original logo from back in the Jim Zorn and Dave Kreig years: