5 Seahawks Predictions For Free Agency


Predictions are always fun. Especially when well known bloggers make them and they end up being wrong. That’s always fun, because then everyone gets to throw them back into my face later. Ahhh… good times…

1) At least one of the team’s top priorities to be re-signed (Lynch, Robinson, Hawthorne, Bryant) wont return.

I’m not sure which one, but something tells me that at least one of those 4 players will get an offer from another team that the Seahawks wont be willing to match. All 4 are priorities for a reason, but none of the 4 are truly irreplaceable.

2) The Seahawks sign a player that most Seattle fans have never heard of, and that player will be a starter. 

John Schneider has a knack of unearthing talent. Brandon Browner and Alan Branch come to mind from a year ago. Neither were considered NFL starters before Schneider signed them, and both were impact players on the defense.

3) The Seahawks will sign at least 1 big name player.

Last year it was Sydney Rice, Robert Gallery and Zach Miller. The year before it was Lawyer Milloy. Schneider has not been afraid to spend big as long as the deal is short term, or for a young player. Mario Williams comes to mind, but there are other such players available this year as well.

4) The Seahawks will sign a QB.

It might not be a big name, or even someone who ultimately makes the team, but I believe that there will be a free agent QB who’s brought in to provide depth at the position in case the Seahawks don’t get a QB in the draft, or get a late round project.

5) John Carlson and Marcus Trufant won’t be Seahawks in 2012.

The Seahawks would like both of them back, but not at a starter’s pay level. Both will be given contracts by another team that the Seahawks wont be willing to match.