Superbowl Prediction


It’s almost time for the big game to begin, well not quiet, but at least Superbowl Sunday is finally here. It just wouldn’t be a big game if I didn’t make some stupid prediction that turned out to be way off, so lets get this out of the way.

Reasons to pick the Patriots

  • Tom Brady – No matter what you think of him, it’s tough to deny his brilliance when the spotlight is on.
  • The running game – While Brady gets all credit, it was the running game that was able to provide consistent offense in the AFC Championship win over the Ravens.
  • Bill Belichick – There simply isn’t a better coach in the NFL at game planning to stop the other team. Belichick is always an advantage that other teams just can’t match.

Reasons to pick the Giants

  • The Pass Rush – The Giant’s ability to consistently pressure Brady without blitzing will be a huge in slowing down Patriot offense.
  • The Gronkowski injury – Brady doesn’t have eilte weapons except for his TEs, and the best of those is severly hobbled by an ankle injury.
  • The Giant’s receivers – Cruz, Nicks, and Manningham against that really weak Patriot secondary; that should be a huge advantage for the New York.

Final Prediction

Logically, I can’t see any way not to pick the Giants here. From a talent standpoint they have the clear advantage in this game in my opinion. The problem I’m having though is that I don’t think it’s ever a good bet to pick against Brady and Belichick. Those 2 can mask so many mistakes and deficiencies.

I don’t think this game is going to be a huge shootout that everyone seems to be predicting. I think the Giant’s defense can slow the Patriots enough to keep the score under control. As long as Eli Manning doesn’t make that one huge costly mistake, I think the Giants will pull away in the 2nd half and then be able to shorten the game with their running game.

Giants 31 – 24 Patriots