Initial Reactions To Super Bowl Commercials


During the game, I tried to keep a running account of all the commercials. After the first 2, I also managed to get my wife to play along and give me her take on each as well. Hopefully you’ll find it entertaining. I’ve broken it up based on when the commercial was aired to make it a little easier.

I should also note that we skipped commercials for movies, commercials we’ve seen before, and ones that were ordinary (like almost every beer commercial)

After National Anthem:

  • Ronald McDonald House commercial (pictures of the young Leukemia survivor) had my wife crying.
  • Hyundai “test track” commercial looked like an episode of “Top Gear” and the with their driver called “The Steig.” Not sure they wanted to invoke a comedy series with that ad.
  • Hyundai song commercial was cool, but will get annoying fast. My wife’s take: “meh.”

First Quarter:

  • Audi vampires – After the Twilight hype, I’m glad to see any vampire die. My wife’s take: “it was cute, I liked it.”
  • Elton John Pepsi –  Interesting, but too over the top for me. My wife’s take: “I love that one! I love the shoes. Elton john was working those heels.”
  • Hyundai’s commercials are annoying. After 2, I doubted I’d comment on the rest. #3 was really lame.
  • Naked M&Ms – Unexpected, but not interesting. Those characters got old years ago. My wife’s take: “mildly amusing… meh”
  • Best Buy “I created…” – Words with friends reference was so apt. I liked it. Actually made me think. My wife’s take: “That was cute. words with friends guys on the plane… funny”
  • Coke polar bears #1 – superstitious polar bears… scary thought. My wife’s take: “That one was so funny”
  • Chevy armageddon – Clever. One of my favorites so far. My wife’s take: “Was that a commercial for twinkies?”
  • Bridgestone football – Good ending. wasn’t sure where it was going at all.  My wife’s take: “(laughing)”

2nd Quarter

  • Go daddy – so sick of those crappy commercials. It’s a .com company, not porn. worst commercials on TV right now, and this one isn’t any better.  My wife’s take: “so sick of those crappy commercials”
  • Dorritos Dead cat – Not cool at all. Not even clever. almost offensive. My wife’s take: “Poor cat!”
  • GEs beer commercial – Lame. What are you even selling? Aren’t there enough beer commercials already? My wife’s take: “(Yawns)”
  • TaxAct – Peeing in the pool, really? My wife’s take: “eewwwww. ‘So if you can’t get anything else… we’re like peeing in a pool.’ who thought of this?”
  • Fat dog with Vader Ending – Awesome. Very cool on it’s own, but adding the reference to the vader kid commercial made it classic. Definitely one of the best. My wife’s take: “The fat dog made me want to cry. but the vader reference was just awesome!”
  • David Beckham underwear – Am I supposed to care? My wife’s take: “Am I old enought to be allowed to watch this?”
  • Polar Bear Coke #2 – Why is he stiff arming his friends? They aren’t trying to take it, they were trying to help him. My wife’s take: “I really like these polar bear ones. They’re cute.”
  • Chevy sonic – Pretty cool. That “kick flip” was downright impressive. My wife’s take: “so it’s good enough to throw off a plane, but not good enough to drive?”
  • Tellaflora – Am I old enough to be watching this? My wife’s take: “I like her earrings at least.”
  • Sketchers Dancing Dog – Loved the puppy moonwalk over the finish line. Best so far. My wife’s take: “Oh my god I loved that one so much”
  • – is that a worm coming out of his back? My wife’s take: “That was just creepy.”
  • Dorritos baby-bouncer slingshot – Predictable. not as cool as they wanted it to be. My wife’s take: “was ok. I wouldn’t need to see it again.”
  • E-Trade Nursery – Not clever at all. Usually I like their commercials, but this one isn’t up to par. My wife’s take: “A little disturbing.”


(if there were any new ones during halftime, then I missed them. No way I’m watching Madona or listening to the drivel that that is the rest of the half time mess.)

2nd half

  • Fiat – This is just creepy. Is he going to lick that car? My wife’s take: “The only thing that can describe this is ‘hussy.'”
  • Toyota reinventing stuff – Not sure what it has to do with cars, but it was entertaining. One of the better ones. My wife’s take: “Very creative. I liked it.”
  • Coke Polar Bears 3 – My least favorite of the 3 with the polar bears. My wife’s take: “Kind of a let down after the other 2.”
  • Oikos Greek Yogurt – Funny, plus John Stamos got hit in the face, which is a plus. My wife’s take: “Is John Stamos the only Greek actor in America? Could they not get anyone else?”
  • Here WeGo Dog – The only beer commercial worth mentioning. Funny and creative. One of the best this year. My wife’s take: “So glad it was also an add about rescue animals. I liked it. It was awesome for multiple reasons.”
  • Acura MSX with Seinfeld – Typical Jerry Seinfeld commercial. Whity and unexpected. Very good. My wife’s take: “Is it possible that the outfit made Jay Leno’s chin get bigger?”
  • Ferris Buller Honda CRV – I love it. Classic movie parity done right. My wife’s take: “This one just makes my heart happy.”
  • Jack in the Box Married to Bacon – I like bacon, but this seemed to go too far. Plus, “you may now eat the bride?” Really? My wife’s take: “It went from just creepy to dirty at the end.”

The 2nd half was mostly crap and stuff we’ve seen before, or local ads. not much to write about. If you think I missed a really good one let me know.