NFL Offseason Officially Begins


Now that the Super Bowl is behind us, the entire league can finally turn it’s attention to getting each roster ready for 2012.

The first thing on the agenda is the NFL Draft Scouting Combine that takes place at the end of the month. It will also be at the combine that we learn the results of the coin flip that will decide if the Seahawks pick 11th or 12th in the first round of draft.

Over the next couple weeks, we should begin hearing about negotiations taking place on new contracts with players who were on the Seahawks roster last season. Key free agents include Marshawn Lynch, David Hawthorne, Michael Robinson and Red Bryant. Paul McQuistan and Breno Giacomini are also high on the team’s wish list of players to be brought back.

At the same time, the Seahawks are likely to trim a few roster spots held by veteran players with contracts that aren’t cap friendly. Marcus Trufant and Mike Williams are candidates to be cut, though neither is a certainty.

I should also note that any player cut during this process (like perhaps Peyton Manning) does not have to wait until free agency to begin before negotiating with other teams. Therefore, it’s possible that we’ll see a couple of new players signed in the next few weeks, thought I seriously doubt the Seahawks will do so.