Seahawks Roster Analysis: Quarterback


Tarvaris Jackson is almost guaranteed to be back with the team in 2012, but his roll with team will be determined by what happens between now and May. If the Seahawks sign someone like Manning, Flynn, Campbell or Orton, then Jackson will enter the year as the team’s primary backup. If the Seahawks manage to move up and draft either Luck or Griffin, then  Jackson likely enters the year as the starter, but knowing that his days as a starter wont last long. With any other scenario Jackson enters next season as the expected full time starter.

Charlie Whitehurst is done in Seattle. If he is brought back in any capacity whatsoever, I’ll be shocked, and I think almost everyone else in Seattle will be shocked right along side me. Whitehurst was a huge disappointment. He never developed at all, and in the end he couldn’t even get on the field even though Jackson was hurt. His career in the NFL might be done at this point.

Josh Portis is a man caught in the middle. He’s future has more to do with what the Seahawks do in the draft and free agency, and almost nothing to do with his own skills. Even after being with the team all year, he’s a long term project before he’s ever ready to take a snap in a regular season game. I know there’s a small group of fans who think he’s the backup next season and a possible starter down the road, but that simply isn’t the case.

Portis isn’t a passer, and I seriously doubt he ever will be. His mechanics are awful. His presence on the roster last season was mostly because he could run the scout team and mimic what mobile QBs like Alex Smith and Mike Vick can do. His primary purpose was to help the defense get ready to play against those players, and not anything to do with Seattle’s offense.

Portis gets cut the moment the Seahawks draft a “project” at QB. If they do that, then they’ll also likely sign a veteran backup as well so the rookie wont have to be forced into action before he’s ready. Portis might still end up on the practice squad in that case.

On the other hand, if the Seahawks sign a veteran starter like Campbell or Flynn then Portis likely keeps his job. I don’t believe the Seahawks will sign a new starter and spend on of their few draft picks on a QB in same year. Portis also likely keeps his job if the Seahawks trade up for one of the 2 NFL-ready QBs. Those players would fight it out with Jackson for the starter’s job, and Portis would be able to remain the team’s third string QB.

Prediction: The Seahawks sign a vet to backup Jackson, someone like Rex Grossman. They then draft a “project” late in day 2 or on day 3 of the draft, someone like Brock Osweiler. Portis then gets cut near the end training camp and ends up on the practice squad.