Who’s The Greatest Seahawk Ever?


You get to decide! March is finally here. So in honor of the yearly “March Madness” tourney, and to help us pass the boredom while we wait for football to finally return, I’ve decided that that it’s time for us have a tourney of our own to decide who the Greatest Seahawk Ever is.

Below is my seeding for 4 brackets. This seeding is NOT final! The first step is for nominations. Either comment in this thread, send me an email, send me a tweet, or comment to our facebook page with your comments and suggestions.

Who have I left out? Who did I include that doesn’t belong? How would you seed the brackets? Be sure to let me know!

After that, we’ll begin the voting. First thing we’ll do a “group vote” process that will automatically shrink each bracket form 8 down to 4. After that, it will be head to head for 4 rounds of voting until we declare a winner!

Quarterback/Line Division

  1. Walter Jones
  2. Matt Hasslebeck
  3. Dave Kreig
  4. Jim Zorn
  5. Tarvaris Jackson
  6. Warren Moon
  7. John Kitna
  8. Chris Grey

Missed the Cut: Seneca Wallace, Trent Dilfer, Stan Gelbaugh, Steve Hutchinson, Howard Ballard

This started out as a QB only division. Obviously, it was tough to fill out a full bracket with only QBs; giving tourney spots to Wallance and Gelbaugh would have been painful, so I decided to combine QBs with offensive lineman. I’m sure the seeding in this bracket will be debated as well. The top 4 seem obvious to me, though the order of those 4 might be disputed. I’m sure I’ll also get some grief for putting Jackson ahead of both hall of famer Warren Moon, and the ever popular John Kitna. Chris Grey, who’s played more snaps than any other player in Seahawk history, sneaks in at the #8 seed.

Offensive Skill Player Division

  1. Steve Largent
  2. Curt Warner
  3. Shawn Alexander
  4. Chris Warren
  5. Joey Galloway
  6. Brian Blades
  7. John L. Williams
  8. Mack Strong

Missed the Cut: Darrell Jackson, Sherman Smith, Paul Stanzi

Largent seems like a easy pick as a number 1 seed here. The order of the franchise’s 3 great backs will likely be disputed, as will the inclusion of Joey Galloway. Williams and Strong are definitely deserving, but I wonder if enough fans will give proper love to the fullbacks.

Defense Division

  1. Cortez Kennedy
  2. Eugene Robinson
  3. Kenny Easley
  4. Jacob Green
  5. Rufus Porter
  6. Jacob Green
  7. Jeff Bryant
  8. John Harris

Missed the Cut: Michael Sinclair, Sam Adams, Patrick Hunter, Chad Brown, Anthony Simmons, Dwayne Harper, Manu Tuiasosopo

This was the toughest division to put together. I easily could have included any of the players listed as “missed the cut,” and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some as well. As far as the seeding goes, I’m going to need your help on this one. How would you rank this group?

Coach/Media/Kicker Division

  1. Mike Holmgren
  2. Chuck Knox
  3. Jack Patera
  4. Tom Catlin
  5. Steve Raible
  6. Norm Johnson
  7. John Kasey
  8. Rick Tuten

This was a tough division to fill. I wanted to put Holmgren, Knox, and Patera into this touney, and I believed that Raible and Catlin deserved to be there was well. I just don’t think a kicker or punter will ever get enough votes to get past round 1 so their inclusion seems pointless.