Marshawn Lynch Re-Signs With The Seahawks


It turns out that Marshawn Lynch wont be hit with the Franchise Tag. That’s because today he re-signed with the Seahawks on a 4 year deal worth $31 million, of which almost $18 million is guaranteed. This is quite a large contract for a RB, and a bit of a risk being taken by the Seahawk’s management.

I’m a little late with this announcement since it happened yesterday evening.

Reaching this agreement frees up the franchise tag, should the Seahawks with to use it on another player, though I doubt that the Seahawks will do so. There are no other free agents from this team that are worthy of the large cap number that the tag would dictate.

As I said above, this deal is very risky for the Seahawks. The yearly cost of just over $7 million is only slightly less than the franchise tag would have cost them. So the Seahawks saved less than $1 mil in cap space, and had to guarantee a lot more money and years to do so.

Interestingly, the terms of the actual contract that Lynch signed were surprisingly similar to the contract that I suggested back in January. I added a “fake” year on the end to lower the cap number, and Lynch got a few more million in guaranteed cash, but the 4 years and $30.6 million were very close to what Lynch and the Seahawks eventually settled on.