Free Agency – Day One Wrap up


Yesterday was a very busy day in the NFL, and most of the happenings seem to be working against the Seahawks.

  • Seahawks re-signed Red Bryant. Very good move.
  • Seahwks also re-signed Heath Farwell, who plays mostly on special teams. Not sure why this had to happen this early. ST players like Farwell are available after the draft.
  • The Seahawks have made an offer to James Jones, though it appears he’s headed to the Rams instead.
  • Peyton Manning is now off to Tennessee. Still no trip to Seattle planned. Makes me wonder if Matt Hasselbeck will be available soon, not that I’d be interested in signing him.
  • Jason Campbell signed with the Bears, so he wont be coming to Seattle to compete with Jackson.
  • Matt Leinert was cut. This was expected, as is his connection to Seattle. I only expect him to come here if the Seahawks draft a major project at QB in April, and that QB wont be ready to be backup in 2012.
  • Matt Flynn to Miami will likely be done later today. Sadly, an already “meh” Dolphin roster got worse when they traded Brandon Marshal to the Bears.
  • Mario Williams was offered what is reportedly the largest contract for any defensive player in the NFL by the Bills, but he still isn’t signed. While it’s still possible, I don’t think he’s coming to Seattle either.
  • WRs Vincent Jackson and Rober Meechum are now both off the market, so an upgrade at WR is no longer an option via free agency.
  • Of the 16 remaining unsigned Seahawk free agents, none of them received interest today. This includes Michael Robinson and David Hawthorne, so it’s possible that either or both could still return.