Interesting Matt Flynn Quotes

I'm really getting use to seeing Flynn in a Seahawk's jersey. Credit: Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Seattle Seahawks QB Matt Flynn was a guest on KJR yesterday, and while most of the interview was the usual “I don’t want to say anything that might be turned into a pseudo-controversy” stuff, mixed in there were a few interesting quotes.

“I’m enjoying the NW, I’ve been playing some golf. And yes, I have a beautiful girlfriend”

Ok, that might now count as a particularly interesting quote, but I found it funny. Everyone gets asked how they like the new City they just  moved to. I just thought it was awesome that he found a way to mention his significant other in an interview when he wasn’t even asked. Well played, Matt, Well played.

“Everybody and their dog thought that I was a shoe-in to go to Miami. I had an open mind. Wanted best vibe”

Believe it or not, but this says a lot more about Miami than it does about Seattle. I’m hearing rumblings that Miami isn’t a destination that players want to go to. Not only are they bad, but the entire franchise is a mess from the top down. You know how everyone in the NBA talk about wanting to play for Mark Cuban? Well, the exact opposite is true in Miami.

“When I decided to come to Seattle I knew the terms that I was going to compete. Nothing handed to me”

This is the quote that made me decide to write this. It came off like he expected genuine competition with Tarvaris Jackson. When he was signed, I think everyone thought that any “competition” with Jackson was going to be like Hasslebeck and Whitehurst’s competition in 2010, or Jackson and Whitehurst’s a year ago. Basically, we all expected the job to be given to Flynn and the competition to be only in theory unless Flynn really struggled. It would seem that Flynn had a different view of the situation, and that Jackson has a legit shot at winning the job.

“Don’t really know why I wasn’t drafted higher. I was lucky and blessed to be drafted by Green Bay”

“I prepared as a backup like I was the starter. I’m very competitive. It’s about mental reps too”

Some quote about his early days in the league. I can tell you why he wasn’t drafted higher. He had a weak arm and was seen to have limited upside. He was lucky to land in Green Bay, but the fact that he beat out Brian Brohm, who was draft in the 2nd round that same year, for the backup job means that he’s smart and impressed his coaches from the very beginning. As a backup QB, you do that by working hard and preparing to play, even when you know you’re not going to.

Before I end this, I wanted to point out a completely unrelated quote from another player, just because it’s funny. Deuce Lutui, signed this offseason to possibly be the new stating left guard,  is down 338 pounds, nowhere near the 400 mark that he reportedly was very close to the last couple of season. When he signed with the Seahawks, he said that he had even gone Vegan for a while in order to get his weight down.

Fellow lineman Max Unger isn’t buying it though.

“He said, ‘for a period of time.'” According to that logic, Unger said he might consider himself a vegan for a period of time. “I haven’t eaten for three hours.”