Marshawn Lynch NFL’s 5th most Elusive Runner


According to Pro Football Focus, Marshawn Lynch has been the league’s 5th most elusive runner over the past 3 seasons. Of course, not all players are elusive in the same way. Some backs make tacklers miss in a way that makes Chris Berman make “3-stooges” sounds (whoop!). Lynch, on the other hand, just run people over in an awesome beast-mode manner.

Then against, there’s always this:

I just never get tired of seeing that.

Now, I need to be careful and not just completely rip off the very hard working guys from Pro Football Focus who did precisely 100% of the research on this topic. I highly encourage you to click on that link and read their results. I don’t know about you, but I found the entire thing fascinating.

It’s interesting that the league’s most elusive back was Jonathan Stewart. I’ve always thought he was an underrated runner. Same goes for #2 on the list, Buffalo’s Fred Jackson.

Equally interesting is where the so-called “juke artists” ranks. Reggie Bush is at 34, and Darren Sproles is at 39. I can’t say that the placement of either surprises me, especially when you notice that yards after contact is a key component in the rankings. The way that PFF grades this does tend to give an advantage to power runners (or at least it seems so to me.)

So again, I encourage you to take a look at their article. Here, I’ll even link it for you again.

And since I’m posting awesome animated gifs of Lynch, I can’t leave off the Beast Quake:

I so can’t wait for football to begin!