Seattle Seahawks Attended Pro Day For Josh Gordon


Josh Gordon, the super talented wide receiver who comes with a truckload of baggage, had his day under the microscope yesterday. The Seahawks had top personnel people in attendance, a sign that they could put in a bid for him in the supplemental draft.

Gordon was officially measured at 6-3 (1/8), 224 lbs. He can 4.52 in the 40 yard dash, but slightly pulled a quadriceps during the run. He said, and most scouts in attendance agreed, that he would have been faster without the injury. He didn’t run the shuttle and cone drills after injuring his leg. The injury was thought to be minor, and not something that would prevent him from being ready for the start of training camp in a couple weeks.

Scouts were ennamured with his huge hands, as well as his ability to use them to catch the ball. From what I read, he was able to catch anything thrown anywhere near him, and he didn’t drop a ball in the entire workout.

The supplemental draft doesn’t work like the April draft. Instead, teams place “bids” for any player they are interested in. These bids are in the form of a draft pick in next year’s draft. The team with the highest bid gives up that draft pick and gets the player. Ties are settled using this past April’s draft order. So if the Seahawks and Rams both big a 4th round pick for Gordon, the Rams would be awarded his rights.

I can’t imagine a scenario in which the Seahawks end up acquiring Gordon’s services. His off field issues aren’t the type that go away, or can be controlled by a cohesive locker room. Drugs have a way being a constant problem for people who have a history with them, and Gordon’s recent use (to which he admitted during interviews) are an indication that he hasn’t learned his lesson.

It’s also that the Seahawks aren’t as desperate for a WR as other teams. Miami, St. Louis, etc. are much more in need of a big WR with potential. Those teams are going to be much more likely to look past Gordon’s baggage and offer up a round round pick.

There also in’t a huge difference between Gordon and the Seahawk’s Kris Durham. Both are tall, receivers with good speed and good hands. Both are also a bit raw when it comes to route running. One thing that Durham has going for him over Gordon is Durham has spent a year in this offense. The Seahawks’ offense isn’t an easy one for WRs to master. It contains a lot of pre and post-snap reads that the WRs must make in order for it to function properly, and Durham has a full year head start on Gordon learning those things.

That’s why I just don’t see the Seahawks giving up enough to acquire Gordon. Would they like him? Sure, but with 6th round pick, not a 3rd round pick.