More Proof Sydney Rice Is Among The Best When Healthy


There are lots of ways to judge receivers: yards, TDs, catches, drops, etc. Yards is the most common way of judging them, but that doesn’t take into account injuries, or if a player can’t get on the field because of a coaches decision, not to mention other variables the receiver can’t control like who their QB is.

To get around this, the guys over at Pro Football Focus have devised another way of comparing pass catchers: yards per route run. It’s not perfect, as it still doesn’t account for things like QB and offensive line play, but it’s better than simply using yards.

It turns out, that over the past 3 years, Sydney Rice is the 10th best WR in the league in yards per route run, despite having Tarvaris Jackson as his QB for about half of those games. That’s better than guys like Vincent Jackson and Greg Jennings, who play with much better QBs.

On the other end of the spectrum is SF’s Ted Ginn, who was 6th worst in the NFL. Not that it matters, but any chance to bash on the niners must be taken, right?

When it comes to TEs, the new isn’t quite so good for the Seahawks. Neither Kellen Winslow nor Zach Miller made the list as one of the league’s top 15 TEs, which is a little surprising.

Meanwhile former Seahawk TEs Chris Baker and John Carlson are among the worst TEs in the league in that regard, finishing 6th and 9th from the bottom respectfully.