1 Week Until Players Report to Camp


This offseason feels like it’s been the longest offseason in history! Maybe it’s the excitement a season that comes with real expectations. Maybe it’s that the Mariners have been awful and unwatchable so there’s been nothing to fill the summer months. Maybe it’s just because this is my first time have to write about the Seahawks every single day during the offseason. Maybe… but I’d soooo glad it’s finally almost over!

That was from Seahawk RB Robert Turbin’s twitter account last night. I read that and my find, and only, thought was “You got that right.”

This is a great time of year to be a football fan. Every team except 4 or 5 believes that have at least an outside chance of competing for a playoff spot. On a nationwide scale, it just doesn’t get an more positive than it is right now. It can only go downhill from here, right?

Seriously, this offseason can’t end soon enough.