2013 NFL Draft: Preseason QB Rankings


With a little extra free time this week, I’ve decided to begin writing up my notes on some college athletes and converting them into some pre-season rankings. Don’t take these too seriously; remember that Robert Griffin wasn’t on anyone’s radar at this point last season. Players can improve a lot in one season, and this is based on the tape from last season.

  1. Tyler Wilson, Arkansas
  2. Matt Barkley, USC
  3. Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech
  4. Geno Smith, WVU
  5. Tyler Bray, Tennessee
  6. EJ Manual, Florida St.
  7. Landry Jones, Oklahoma
  8. Aaron Murray, Georgia
  9. Keith Price, Washington
  10. Casey Pachall, TCU

I know I’m going to get some hate mail about Barkley not being #1 on this list, but that ok. I just don’t see him as the number 1 player in this position group. Its even possible that Thomas and Smith could jump past him before the season’s end. The film simply doesn’t match the hype.

On the other end of the spectrum is Washington’s Keith Price. I didn’t expect him to make this list when I started going over the film, but he’s a better thrower then I remembered seeing. He still has a lot of development needed to show the he has pro potential, but the talent is there.

The most interesting player in the group (notice that I didn’t say the best) is Geno Smith. He has the first round body/arm, but plays in an offense that doesn’t translate to the pros and in indecisive at times. In a way, he’s similar to Ryan Tannehill from last year’s draft. He has a lot to prove this season. He could move up to the top spot, or make a Landry Jones style slide down into the late rounds if he doesn’t improve. Right now, he’s number 4 on my list.