Seattle Seahawks Training Camp: Day 1 Notes


There’s a lot to get to, and very little time, so I’m placing this in bullet points. Enjoy:

  • Sydney Rice, James Capenter, Walter Thurmond and Jermaine Kearse started camp on Friday on the PUP list. Rice was activated off the PUP list in time for today’s practice.
  • None of the 3 QBs competing to become the starter looked like he belonged in the starting lineup. It’s still VERY early though. Lets wait and see how they look in a week before we start to worry too much.
  • Tarvaris Jackson looked like Tarvaris Jackson. Slow on making decisions, only seemed to be reading half the field, made some great throws, especially down the field. Then there was the pick-6 he threw…
  • Matt Flynn has an arm like Matt Hasselbeck’s. His deep balls were ugly. He short to medium stuff was very solid though, and seemed to be more accurate than Jackson, hitting players in stride so they could catch and run. He also threw an ugly interception on a ball that shouldn’t have been thrown.
  • Russell Wilson looked good for the most part. His passes had great zip on them, and were mostly accurate. The problems he had seemed to be his inability to see down field past the line at times. There were also multiple jump-throws trying to get the ball over the linemen. His height was a major factor today.
  • Richardo Lockette looked much improved today, and his speed was obvious. He’s still not going to get open much on anything but on a go-route, but he a the deep threat that teams will have to be wary of when he’s on the field.
  • Phil Bates looks like he expects to make this team. The undrafted WR might have been the best player at his position today not named Baldwin (Rice was in a Red jersey and didn’t get many reps)
  • The defense is going to be very good. it’s looked good in all aspects already, and many of the drills are designed to help the offense.
  • Bruce Irvin was as fast as advertised, and will be a force in the pass rush. He also struggled to read the run game, and ran right past the ball carrier at times.
  • Babby Wagner was the #1 MLB, and appeared to be calling the plays for the front seven.

I’ll have a more in-depth look at things available in the morning.