Seattle Seahawks Training Camp: Day 2 Notes


I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to have these daily updates, as I don’t want to be writing the same things over and over each day. I don’t think that will be all that interesting or useful for any of you to read. Still, there was some very interesting things that happened today, so I wanted to pass them along.

I should add that I wasn’t at the practice today, so my notes here aren’t my own observations. Instead they are a collection of things from various people who I trust, and with my interpretations thrown in on top.

QB Battle:

Matt Flynn is clearly the #1 QB on the roster right now, and it isn’t even close. He ran the 2-minute offense today with an urgency and effectiveness that Tarvaris Jackson has never been able to show at any point in his career. Flynn looked so comfortable with the first team offense, and against the first team defense, it’s hard to remember how new he is to this offense.

Most notable here is Flynn’s ability to complete passes down the field. Yesterday, he struggled with anyone over about 15 yards. Today, it was different, as he repeatedly got the ball down field to his receivers. It was good to see his ability to do that.

Jackson looked generally bad today. Lots of throws at his receivers feet, even on easy routes like curl and hook routes. A couple more days like this and he’ll have played his way off the team.

Russell Wilson’s height continues to be a problem for him: Inaccurate jump-throws, holding onto the ball waiting for a open receiver to move into a throwing lane, etc. For a guys who’s supposed to be the exception to the QB height rule, his height keeps coming into play. He also threw a couple ugly interceptions today, and looked uncomfortable in the 2-minute offense.

On the other hand, Wilson also throws the best deep ball of the three QBs, and completes long passes with some regularity.

Other Notes:

  • Sydney Rice was not in a red jersey today; signaling that the trainers have okayed him for full contact. He still didn’t take part in the team drills though.
  • Golden Tate had a huge day, and is making a serious case for himself to be the starting Split End this season now that
  • Speaking of good day’s by receivers Ben Obomanu has played his way back into contention for with 2 very good days. After poor mini-camps, I moved him off the bubble and into the “has work left to do” category in the roster battles. After a good day 1, and an even better day 2, it’s time to move him back up on the depth chart.
  • Deuce Lutui worked out with the first team offense today, this time at RG. This is a good sign if he’s going to eventually take over the starting LG from Paul McQuistan as expected.
  • RB Robert Turbin seems very natural in the zone blocking scheme the Seahawks use. He was decisive in his cuts, and repeatedly found daylight after cutting back against the grain.

In one on one drills with the linemen, there were some surprises:

  • Rickshaw Johnson, the surprise darling of the mini-camps, looked shaky. Rookie Greg Scruggs made him look foolish a couple times in the row.
  • JR Sweezy, a college DT who’s making the transition to guard, held his own again Brandon Mebane. This is a very good sign as he learns the position.
  • Alex Barron has been working out at LT, and is looking like a former first round pick. His problem was always penalties, so we’ll see how he does once the games begin.