The Seattle Seahawk QB Competition Rapidly Approaching An Anti-Climatic Ending


With each passing day, the end of the QB competition is getting clearer and clearer. This isn’t going to be one of those competitions that “could go either way” and the the Coach is forced to make a decision. The decision is being made for him on the field.

After 4 days of practice, Matt Flynn has “won” the competition on all 4 days. He’s been the best of the group, and it hasn’t been all that close.

It should also be noted that this isn’t just my opinion, or even just the opinion of the other media members. It pretty clear that the Seahawk coaches agree, because its showing up in the number of reps each player gets.

Russell Wilson is the biggest loser in terms of reps. Yesterday, when it was his turn to get the bulk of the reps, it was actually Flynn who got most of the reps at the end of the practice. Wilson was also skipped in the rotation multiple times today.

Tarvaris Jackson hasn’t been immune either, but his lost reps have been more subtle. You have to look at the number of reps per rotation to even notice. Jackson would get 8 reps, then Flynn would get 9. The time around Jackson got 10 reps, followed by 12 for Flynn. It might not sound like much, but the fact that one QB is consistently getting more reps than the other is a big deal.

I don’t expect Pete Carrol to come out and make an announcement anytime soon. Flynn will get the bulk of the reps on day 5 when he’s scheduled to, and Wilson will start day 6 with the first team and then give way to Flynn more and more and day goes on, and I expect this to happen up until the first preseason game, and I expect Jackson to start that game.

It’ll be between weeks 1 and 3 of the preseason that we will likely see a major change, with Flynn getting 50-60% of the reps overall, and Wilson being relegated to the scout team.

Expect the official announcement to come after Flynn the 2nd preseason game, which Flynn will start, but the decision will be made long before then.