Seattle Seahawks Projected To Have League’s 2nd Youngest Starters


When the Seahawks set their 53 man roster a year ago, they were the league’s 4th youngest team. When vets like Marcus Trufant, and Matt McCoy ended up on IR and were replaced by rookie, they jumped up to the 2nd youngest team.

This year’s team doesn’t appear to be headed down the same road. The Seahawks have added veteran backups like Duece Lutui, Alex Barron and resigned Trufant and McCoy. ESPN projects the there to be 12 teams that are younger than the Seahawks this season.

Interestingly, that seems to only apply to the backups. The Seahawks starters are and young as they come. Only Kansas City projects to have a younger group of starters than the Seahawks.

I say “projects” because the rosters current sit at 90, and these rankings are based on the players that are thought likely to make the 53 man squad. Obviously, there can and will be some surprises during camp when cuts are made.

The fact that the Seahawk’s starters are so young is a testament of the job that has been done by GM John Schneider. The Seahawks have managed to draft starters, and even Pro Bowl caliber players, in almost every round of the draft. Being able to find guys like Richard Sherman in the 5th round make signing pricey vets something the Seahawks just don’t have to worry about.