Hello 12th man! I’m pleased to report the Hawks are alive, well..."/> Hello 12th man! I’m pleased to report the Hawks are alive, well..."/>

Training Camp Report


Hello 12th man! I’m pleased to report the Hawks are alive, well and totally awesome!

I know there’s been a lot of talk about the quarterback controversy from the local media. After watching this morning’s practice I think the only controversy is how to play Flynn, Tjack and Wilson in every game. They are all that good. I only saw one ball intercepted today, thrown by TJack. The throw was great, but he waited too long and Earl Thomas got under it. I also saw Tjack throw multiple long, tight spirals that made me want to weep, they were that beautiful. Flynn looks fluid, and quick. He also has a beautiful spiral and looks to be working well in the system. Wilson looked surprisingly comfortable and contrary to other reports I’ve read, is able to roll out of the pocket with no sign of panic and gets the ball down field! He threw a beautiful touchdown pass to Golden in the very corner of the end-zone. It was awesome!

I also saw quite a bit of Portis and was especially pleased to see him throwing some nice out routes to Rice on the far practice field. Rice himself looked strong, not only running long routes, but tossing the ball back to Portis. I think the Seahawks are right to be cautious with him, but I think his shoulders are well rehabbed.

Sherman again stood out with his speed off the line and his presence in drills and practice snaps.

Saw Braylon Edwards catch an extremely athletic, over-the-back catch in which he was fully arched backwards in the air and came down totally vertical with feet in bounds looking sharp! Dude is impressive.

Also impressed by Kregg Lumpkin who is sporting Forsett’s former #20. Good size and quick off the line. Marshawn  looks strong and capable, running upright and smooth through the opposing defense. At one point he put his arm out like he was going to do a stiff arm but pulled it back at the last minute. He’s ready!

Tate, Lockette and Obomanu also looking good running routes for the QB’s in early drills. I’m very optimistic about our wide receiver corps even if we don’t have the stand out, no-brainer wide receiver everyone thinks we should have.

What we do have is a team. And instead of relying on “this one guy”, Pete and John have built a team of possibilities and depth. Knock one guy out; the next one is just as capable.

I can’t wait for this season!