Another Take On The Signing Of Terrell Owens


Last night, wight after I published that TO had agreed to contract terms and that TO was going to become a Seahawk, my wife asked me to describe what I thought about it in 2 words. (I can’t tell you what her 2 words were, since Fansided has a policy against swearing). I couldn’t do it. I only needed 1.


I’m actually not disappointed in TO. I think he can come in here and help this team win. I really do. I expect him to keep his nose clean and to be a good soldier and contribute. I also believe he has something left in his tank physically, even though he’s 38. Seriously, I have high expectations for him.

First, I’m disappointed in Pete Carroll. TO is one of the most unlikeable players in the history of sports. He’s the type of guy I don’t want to root for. Now he’s a Seahawk, and their success depends on his success. Now I have to root for TO. I’m disappointed that Carroll would be willing to bring a guy like him to my team. We’re supposed to be better then this. We’re not the Bangles, or Jets, or Cowboys, or Raiders. This is the Seahawks.

Secondly, I’m disappointed in our current players. This was a prime situation for Kris Durham or Richardo Lockette or Deon Butler or any of the other young players on the roster to step and and show that they belong in in this league. Instead they’ve been major disappointments. They’ve forced the Seahawks’s hand to go get guys like Bryant, Edwards, and now TO. Had they performed better, this move wouldn’t have been necessary

Finally, I’m disappointed in John Schneider. Not for bringing in Owens, but for not addressing the WR position sooner. No WRs signed during FA. No WRs drafted. The only players added were a few undrafted players. There’s simply no reason to wait this long before brining in some insurance at the position.

So that’s my take. I’m disappointed. And I hope TO does what is necessary to help this team reach the playoffs.