Flynn Gets First Team Reps and the Start


An odd thing happened after this morning’s public practice.  A bunch of the players came over to sign autographs, one of which was Matt Flynn.  Before I could get from Kam Chancellor to Flynn, however, he was pulled away and left the field for VMAC’s indoor facility.  He had only signed a few autographs and it seemed strange since all the other players hung out for quite a while.  It turns out there was a reason for this.

As we were pulling away from VMAC on the bus, Pete Carroll announced that Flynn is going to be the starter this Saturday for the first exhibition game against Tennessee and will get first team reps for the rest of the week.  Now the somewhat odd behavior made sense and I became a much more relieved fan knowing that Flynn is starting to get more valuable reps with the first string players.

I knew it wast important but didn’t realize just how important it is to work with the first team guys until I watched practice this morning.  The drop off in knowledge of routes, offensive line protection, and all the small details drops off exponentially between first and second offensive units for the Seahawks.  That is also compounded with the fact that Seattle has a very strong defensive unit as a whole and the second defensive unit was devouring the offensive unit.

I will have more on my observations from training camp later today, but wanted to get the Matt Flynn news out there in case anybody missed Carroll’s post-practice Tweet.   Needless to say, it’s the right decision, in my opinion, and I’m glad that it was made sooner rather than later.