Matt Hasselbeck: Welcome Back To Seattle


Later today, the greatest QB in Seahawks history returns to Seattle to play what will most likely be his last game at CenturyLink field. Matt Hasselbeck will lead the Titans into Seattle to take on our Seahawks.

I’m not one to try and tell people how to feel or what they should think. I only tell you my opinion and,usually, why I think that way. This is no different, but I really do hope that most of you will agree with me on this one.

In my ideal world, Hasselbeck gets the biggest standing ovation of his life when he’s introduced; like big enough that they have to stop and wait for a few minutes before anything else can happen. Then, when he gets under center for the first time, he feels the full weight of the 12th Man barring down on him and his offense until one of his linemen moves early for a false start.

Yep, if I was a script writer, that’s how I’d write it.