Random Observations From Seahawk’s First PreSeason Game


Last night’s game was a great start. It was fun, and the Seahawks looked great at times, but lets keep in mind that it was a preseason game. There is still a lot of improvement that needs to be made before week 1.

Before the game, I said that I was going to be concentrating on watching the TEs, CBs and LBs. Those are the areas that I see as potential weaknesses for this team in terms of quality depth. (The starters are solid. I’m not worried about them.) So   my notes have more details about those positions than others. I’ll try and keep is brief and simple.

  • I’m not going to comment on the QB play, saving that for another post, except to say that if Tarvaris Jackson has a house in Seattle, he should probably get himself an agent and get it ready to put on the market. Wilson looks like he could be the backup right now. No reason to hold on to Jackson as injury insurance anymore.
  • The first string defense looked great. Players in the backfield on nearly every run. Very aggressive/physical style. Very fun to watch.
  • Jason Jones is a beast. I don’t need to say anything else about him.
  • The 1st string offensive line was very impressive. Really blew the Titans back off the line in the running game in the first quarter. Once the backups went in, the running game ground to a halt.
  • The Seahawks were missing too many passing weapons. No one could get open down the field against the titans first unit. Doesn’t speak well for guys like Kris Durham, who was playing in the slot.
  • The CB depth is a bit of a weakness as of right now. Byron Maxwell couldn’t cover anyone, Francies struggled at time, and Lane was inconsistent (though flashed some serious potential at times)
  • The LB depth looked better than expected. I was impressed with Korey Toomer, and Heath Farwell, who never been more than a special teams player, should that he might be able to play a few downs here and there in case of emergency and not be a complete liability.
  • The TEs were as shaky as advertised. Without Winslow, and with Miller out with a concussion early, the backups failed to impress.
  • McCoy, in particular, looked lost at times, much more so than a 2nd year player should. He still can’t be relied on to catch a pass either. Very disappointing, especially since he’s only TE who’s a good enough blocker to truly back up Miller.