Trying Not To Over Analyze The Seattle Seahawks QBs.


I keep reading one analyst after another offer their take on Wilson vs Flynn from Saturday. I can’t seem to get enough, and from the sounds of it, neither can any any of you. Hanley and Scott have offered their takes on the situation here on this site.

But for me, I’m withholding most of my analysis for now. I’ve watched, re-watched, and watched in slow-motion, every offensive play from Saturday’s game. There isn’t anything that happened that I haven’t seen, but that doesn’t mean we’re ready to decide anything.

For instance, I’ve seen a lot of people criticize Matt Flynn for checking down too much and being too safe. I’ve also seen people blame Pete Carroll offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell for calling a conservative game plan. I really don’t think either of those thing are actually true.

There were plenty of routes down the field, but for Flynn to prove he isn’t “captain checkdown” a WR has to get open. That simply didn’t happen on Saturday. The Seahawks desperately need their capable receivers to get healthy before we can evaluate the QBs properly just from game film.

This is why I think the practice results are more telling right now. Both QBs have shown a willingness and ability to go down the field with the football in practice, Flynn even more so than Wilson. I think it’s telling that the only pass attempted over 15 yard by either QB was the 39 TD to Braylon Edwards, and it was a poorly thrown pass that looked like a punt in the air.

The Seahawks clearly lost the battle on the outside, and it’s clouding our opinions of the QBs.