Jason La Canfora from NFL Insider tweeted last night, "Barring a..."/> Jason La Canfora from NFL Insider tweeted last night, "Barring a..."/>

What is Tarvaris Jackson’s Trade Value?


Jason La Canfora from NFL Insider tweeted last night, “Barring a Seattle QB getting hurt this week, look for Tarvaris Jackson to be shopped. Also wouldn’t rule out Cards adding a QB before season.”  This is yet to be verified and still has only rumor status, but it both makes sense and could be a smart move for the Seahawks.  Instead of waiting to cut Jackson after the fourth preseason game and getting nothing but some cap-space in return, the Seahawks could also throw in Cameron Morrah, or Anthony McCoy,  or any one of our plethora of receivers that are on the bubble and possibly get an upgrade at receiver or tight-end.

Jackson played started 14 games for Seattle last season and finished with a 7-7 record; the same winning percentage he entered with.  At the time it seemed like Jackson was brought in largely because of newly signed offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell’s affection for him along with Sidney Rice.  While I have never been a big fan of Jackson, he was serviceable at best, with both Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson looking just as good, there is no reason to not try to obtain something for the final year of Jackson’s contract.  I would say Jackson ranks high among backups due to being a veteran and having been a starter.  This could prove attractive for some teams.

It will be interesting to see how this develops. Clearly, first-team reps are becoming increasingly scarce and the lion’s share of them have gone to Flynn over the last two weeks.  John Schneider has been a shrewd manager and has a lot of connections throughout the league.  Teams that I could see showing some interest for a solid backup QB are Kansas City, Oakland, Buffalo, Arizona (although I don’t think Seattle would make this trade), and Atlanta.  All in all, there is no harm in shopping Jackson around just to see what interest there is at this point.