Russell Wilson Officially Named Seahawks Starting QB


Apparently the future is now. Today, Pete Carroll announced that his QB of the future is also his QB of the present; naming Russell Wilson the team’s starting QB for the week 1 game against the Arizona Cardinals.

At the beginning of training camp, and even a week in once each of the 3 players had had a couple turns working with the starting offense, I didn’t think there was much of a chance of this happening. Wilson looked raw and unready. His overwhelming talent was obvious, but it just appeared that he had a lot of developing left to go.

Once the games began, Wilson made his case as loudly as he possibly could. I still don’t think Carroll wanted to make this move this quickly, but Wilson just wouldn’t go away in this competition. Stealing a line from 12th Man Rising writer Jake Bishop: Pete Carroll isn’t rushing Russell Wilson, Russell Wilson is rushing Pete Carroll.

Now comes the hard part. Wilson will have to get ready for the season opener in less time than the rest of league has provided for their QB. 30 of the league’s 32 teams began working on their week 1 game plan a week ago, and the Seahawks will just begin doing so now. Luckily for the Seahawks, that other team that is also behind happens to be Arizona Cardinals.

I’ve spent most of my afternoon re-watching game tape and working on another article focussing on Wilson’s development over the past 3 weeks. Keep on the look out for that tomorrow.

Also, I hope that the 12th man can come back together now that the QB competition is over. The divisiveness of some of the team’s fans has been disheartening. Remember that in the end, we all cheer for the same team, that we’re all we’ve got, and that each one of us is needed.